What happened to my WOZ LE Backglass???

This came as quite a shock. My pristine, Wizard of Oz, Emerald City LE edition, which has basically sat in the same climate-controlled location since the day it was delivered from the factory, seems to have a serious issue….. Are other ECLE owners running into this???

I wrote to JJP weeks ago and still have not received a response.

TPF 2012 – Complete Jersey Jack Presentation: WOZ status

Here is the complete Jersey Jack presentation at the Texas Pinball Festival 2012, shot in 9 parts in a YouTube playlist. Jack was funny and informative and talked about the trials and tribulations of making pinball and showed off some new game features.

By the way, it says part 1/8 – below is a playlist that will play all 8 (actually 9) videos in sequence.