TPF 2012 – Complete Jersey Jack Presentation: WOZ status

Here is the complete Jersey Jack presentation at the Texas Pinball Festival 2012, shot in 9 parts in a YouTube playlist. Jack was funny and informative and talked about the trials and tribulations of making pinball and showed off some new game features.

By the way, it says part 1/8 – below is a playlist that will play all 8 (actually 9) videos in sequence.

The New P-cubed P-ROC-based prototype pinball demo’d at TPF

One of the coolest things to show up in the community in years is the P-ROC system, a custom boardset that allows interfacing a computer to traditional pinball games or the creation of entirely new games. At TPF 2012, developer Gerry Stellenberg shows off his new prototype game system called P3 (p-cubed) which incorporates a number of unique and innovative features.

Check out this exclusive video where I talk one-on-one with the principal developer as he shows off the groups’ creation:

Off to the Texas Pinball Festival

This weekend I’m off to Dallas to attend the Texas Pinball Festival.  I’m looking forward to the event and will be helping out during the tournament.  I’ll be sure to bring my HD cameras and get some nice footage of the event to share.  If you’re going to be there, drop me a line and let’s hang out!