First Look: Game Plan Sharp Shooter II pinball

Lately I have been adhering to a self-imposed moratorium on picking up any more pinball machines. Honestly, I’ve really been doing my best to avoid it, and the fact that so few show up in my area makes that easy, so when a friend-of-a-friend said they knew someone with a game in their garage they wanted to get rid of, it was worth a look… here’s the video and info on my acquisition of a relatively rare game, albeit in questionable condition…

Game Plan’s Sharp Shooter II is an interesting game… I have never owned a Game Plan game before so this is all new to me and the technology is different. Watch along with me as I fumble around seeing what the deal is with this crazy garage pickup…

First Look: Williams Skylab pinball and gameplay –

Here is another video on a recent pickup: Williams Skylab – a very cool theme featuring a classic real-life space station that was in orbit from 1973 to 1979, and at the time was a huge point of pride for America and the field of science. In this game I take a quick look at the game before I’ve done any work on it, what condition it’s in. What I see wrong. And try to get the game to play a little bit.

“Hey Professor!” First Look: Gilligan’s Island

Here’s the first of another multi-part series of stories on some recent game pick ups.   Come look with me as I discover new pinball machines in the wild and take them back to the lair to examine and restore! This was from a lot of about five games I picked up from a company that was going out of business. This was the main game I wanted but I had to get the entire package. Boo hoo. 😉