PinChurch Open 2013 – Results and Videos

It’s been a long, hard road, the last 11 months…

If I haven’t been posting many videos lately, it’s because I’ve been working night and day trying to get the new space ready to host Louisiana’s first pinball tournament and it’s now done…. it looks like it was a success. Yay!

So many people participated to this event off, our great club members, people who kicked in money for the air conditioning and other stuff, all the tons of manual labor and every means of support you can imagine.  Chris Granner came all the way down from Chicago to donate game (that will be feature on future videos).

We decided to throw out all the stops for this event, free food, drinks, live music – and show people how we do it in New Orleans.  Here are the results:


THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT AND PARTICIPATED!   The event seems to have been a great success and everyone had fun, the tournament ran smoothly and we made a lot of new friends!!

2013 PinChurch Open – Tourney Results

Overall Champions:

1. Mike Perry
2. Sven Johnson
3. Kevin Centanni

Cashbox Champion:

Adrienne Black!   (destroyed everyone on Theater of Magic with 891,003,940 high score)


EM Division – Top 8 finishers:

Sven Johnson v Adrienne Black on Card Whiz (playing single-player games)

1. Sven Johnson
2. Adrienne Black
3. Mike P.
4. Bruce Betzer
5. Mike Van Etten
6. Kevin Keniston
7. Bob Roth
8. Jeff Ring

Classic Division – Top 8 finishers:

John “Spanky” Weems v Kevin Centanni on Genie: (note upper right flipper disabled intentionally due to coil problem)

1. John Weems
2. Kevin Centanni
3. Bobby Wilson
4. Bob Roth
5. Jeff Ring
6. Kelly Grigg
7. Mike P.
8. Kim Powell

Modern Division – Top 8 finishers:

Mike Perry v Kevin Keniston on Jackbot:

1. Mike P
2. Kevin Keniston
3. Eric Shaffer
4. Scott Hannan
5. Kevin Centanni
6. Stephen Thaxton
7. Kelly Grigg
8. Adrienne Black

Full Results:

PinChurch Open 2013 (May 24, 2013) – Louisiana’s first sanctioned pinball tournament

Final Results

3 class tournaments and 1 overall championship series

Overall Championship – [Louisiana]

Rank, Name

1,Mike Perry
2,Sven Johnson
3,Kevin Centanni
4,Kevin Keniston
5,Adrienne Black
6,Kelly Grigg
7,John Weems
8,Jeff Ring
9,Bruce Betzer
10,Mike Van Etten
11,Kim Powell
12,Gerard Hudson
13,Stephen Thaxton
14,Todd Thompson
15,Greg Garner
16,Lisa Balga
17,Wes Ganucheau
18,Mike Cousins
19,Craig Brumfield
20,Bob Roth
21,Scott Hannan
22,Eric Shaffer
23,Bobby Wilson
24,Max Reese

EM (electro-mechanical)  Class

Rank, Player

1,Sven Johnson
2,Andrienne Black
3,Mike Perry
4,Bruce Betzer
5,Mike Van Etten
6,Kevin Keniston
7,Bob Roth
8,Jeff Ring
9,Kevin Centanni
10,Todd Thompson
11,Kelly Grigg
12,Lou Thevenot
13,Greg Garner
14,Max Reese
15,Gerard Hudson
16,Kim Powell
17,Stephen Thaxton
18,Craig Brumfield
19,John Weems
20,Wes Ganucheau
21,Lisa Balga
22,Mike Cousins

Classic (solid state) Class

Rank, Player

1,John Weems
2,Kevin Centanni
3,Bobby Wilson
4,Bob Roth
5,Jeff Ring
6,Kelly Grigg
7,Mike Perry
8,Kim Powell
9,Bruce Betzer
10,Sven Johnson
11,Gerard Hudson
12,Mike Van Etten
13,Mike Cousins
14,Lisa Balga
15,Scott Hannan
16,Greg Garner
17,Kevin Keniston
18,Adrienne Black
19,Stephen Thaxton
20,Wes Ganucheau
21,Craig Brumfield
22,Eric Shaffer
23,Todd Thompson

Modern (DMD) Class

Rank, Player

1,Mike Perry
2,Kevin Keniston
3,Eric Shaffer
4,Scott Hannan
5,Kevin Centanni
6,Stephen Thaxton
7,Kelly Grigg
8,Adrienne Black
9,Gerard Hudson
10,Kim Powell
11,Sven Johnson
12,Flynn Zaiger
13,Mike Van Etten
14,Todd Thompson
15,Jeff Ring
16,Wes Ganucheau
17,Bruce Betzer
18,Craig Brumfield
19,John Weems
20,Greg Garner
21,Lisa Balga
22,Mike Cousins


Adding a memory capacitor to a Gottlieb Sys80 “Jacks To Open”

Now that I’ve got space to pull more of my project machines out to work on them, I’m diving into Sys80 stuff. The first order of business is to work on a “Jacks To Open” machine, which is a solid-state remake of Gottlieb’s popular wedgehead, “Jacks Open”. This game came with the battery removed (or maybe I removed it when I got it – I don’t remember honestly) but the MPU board was in good shape, but the game wouldn’t remember any settings because obviously, there was no battery-back-up.

This is a simple fix, and for these games it makes more sense to add a memory capacitor than a remote battery pack, so in this 4-part series, I go over adding the memory capacitor to the machine. Check it out: