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Are you a producer or supplier and want me to review your new product? I’ll glady do that if samples are sent. Contact me at:!

Here is my “master list” of places to order pinball parts:

Essential Tools:

General Pinball Parts:


    • Planetary Pinball – These people purchased the Bally/WMS rights from Mr. Pinball in Australia and have a large inventory of parts and are also reproducing various pinball parts.
    • Comet LEDs – My new go-to place for LEDs, best price/quality available.
    • Cointaker – A top-quality source for LEDs, more expensive and more fancy stuff. GREAT customer service.
    • BCS Pinball – Best prices I’ve found for LED lights. The only problem is their customer service and response time leaves a lot to be desired. Often they don’t have products in stock either.


    • Mad Amusements – UPDATE — Cannot recommend this place due to numerous complaints from the pinball community that many times, this supplier takes money and does not send product out.
    • Pinball Life – Another site with a huge online inventory.  This is a place to check when you can’t find parts elsewhere.  Compare prices across different suppliers. In many cases Pinball Life will have the lowest price.




Circuit Boards and related items:

      • Pascal Janin – If you have a Gottlieb System 1 pinball game and need any boards, forget about everybody else, Pascal’s boards are what you want.  They are not only solid and reliable, they extend the abilities of the game beyond its original design.  Highly recommended!





  • These people make a nifty daughterboard that will work in Bally/WMS DMD games that can often stop the random reboot problem.







Cool Things:

      • – The makers of the P-ROC, the future of custom pinball controls.


      • – board repair
      • – Bally board repair

Other places (these are stores I might not have ordered from but are a good play to look for hard-to-find parts):

  • – Williams PCBs
  • – Source for hard-to-find parts for older games, plastics, decals and stickers



14 thoughts on “Pinball Parts Suppliers

  1. looking for parts for my williams black knight 2000 drop targets (draw bridge on the game) i don,t have a good knowledge of what other games are compatable as some sights list other manufacturers with parts that look similar

  2. looking for atari space riders score display-6digit,4player. part # A020732-01. pretty sure airborne avenger,middle earth,atarians,and time 2000 use the same display. looking for original or reproduction if one is made. any help or direction would be very appreciated, thanks.

  3. hi I need a contact block for a stepper unit gottlieb rear of game , far out 4 player game.1074 thanks

  4. i have a Gotties Road Race pinball machine I am looking for new rubber kit and a wax to clean and preserve the surfate

  5. I have a DE Hook machine & need a 128×16 DMD (preferably LED, but a working plasma is ok too). I’ve contacted 20 plus suppliers with no success. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  6. just watched your video about replacing system 80 gottlieb edge connector
    housing with the new type using the molex type what are this connectors called
    do you have a part number and can you please send me a few links where to buy them and if you know of any dealers in australia if not its not a problem
    thank you ralph , just a quick question if the
    ma-843 sound amp burns out is that going to stop all sounds on the machine including the attract mode

  7. I have a Sinbad pinball, Gottlieb system 1. The bottom panel with the transformers, bridges and fuses mounted on it is missing from my game. Anyone with information on how i might get a replacement , please let me know. Thank You.

  8. Ok so random Bally/WMS DMD reboot problems are solved by properly fixing the board not by adding a daughter board. Just an fyi

    • This “fix” is a review of one way to address the issue, which in some cases makes the game more reliable overall. Yes, there are other “causes” that can be addressed, but the reboot issue is also an overall game design problem.

  9. This is a helpful list of suppliers. I found at least 3 suppliers for locks I have to replace because I lost the damned keys. Thanks very much !!

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