Crazy Pinball Ads #1


Bingo pinball games might not actually resemble modern-day pinball games; it’s also possible they’re illegal in some areas, as they were mainly used as gambling devices and outlawed decades ago, but they still pop up here and there taunting the collector with a rare opportunity to get a hernia.

It never ceases to amaze me how some guys seem to think these machines are of great value.  The machines look kind of neat, but unless you have a romantic attachment to such a machine from your history, I can’t understand why anyone would want one, even if it were free.  These machines are incredibly heavy, extremely difficult to repair and diagnose and virtually impossible to get parts for, as well as not offering any entertainment value.  This doesn’t seem to stop some people from having bizarre expectations in terms of their value.  Check out what your boy, Rob from Texas expects to get from this electro-mechanical abomination:

 I love how the guy says, “may just be a fuse out..”   Oh yea… right…