First Look: 1956 Gottlieb Balls-A-Poppin, and shipper mishap

Here’s another “first look” at a game that just came in from one of the club members. Perhaps sometimes people don’t think these are really “first looks” but as you can see in this video, the game came in with a shattered playfield glass.. this is the real deal.. you see what we see…

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Using a logic probe and schematics to diagnose a light matrix problem

Work continues on this Gottlieb System 80b pinball machine Raven, but there’s a problem with the light matrix. Certain lights are not properly activating. I go through the process of fixing some lights that aren’t working properly. This video chronicles the entire process of diagnosing what the problem is. I go over the schematics and how to use a logic probe to test the circuit.

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Repairing a faulty pinball chip

Work continues on a Gottlieb “Raven” System 80b pinball machine.

If you watched the previous videos, we had a problem with some lights not being activated by the MPU and traced it to an issue with an IC – now we’re going to replace the IC. For more visit: and

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“Raven” – Pinball Showcase, examining this 1986 cheesy but fun to play game.

During the mid to late eighties, Gottlieb was under the control of Premiere, and much to the confusion of those in the pinball community, they decided to create a string of popular theme knock-offs, from “Hollywood Heat” copying “Miami Vice” to “Raven” copying “Rambo.” To make matters worse, they used photo-realistic backglasses, which was quite a diversion from the hand drawn artwork people were used to seeing. The games ended up not being very well-received

As such, there’s not many of these games left. But I got my hands on the first game in this series, “Raven” – the first pinball machine to use a photo-realistic backglass. While there are many reasons to not like this game, there are also some reasons why it’s way underrated. It’s a very FUN game to play!

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