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I can’t express how satisfying it is to have people appreciate my feeble attempts to share my experiences with others and am overjoyed that others find what I do helpful and entertaining.

But I cannot accept any accolades without acknowledging the much more substantive luminaries in this hobby and industry. There are way too many to list, but a few are worthy of note:

Clay Harrell – aka “The Pinball Ninja”, “Shaggy” – one of the most knowledgeable and benevolent people in the entire industry. I would never have gotten anywhere if it weren’t for his guides as well as personal support. His expertise is only matched by his generosity.

Tim Arnold – What a character. I love how Tim is basically Tim and he’s going to live life his way and on his terms. He is an inspiration. I hope more people take the time to understand and appreciate this man’s unique genius.

The great people at Pinside, KLOV and RGP – The online pinball communities are a fountain of information and support and I’m proud to be a part of these great resources, as well as regularly tap into them when I get in a jam.

4 thoughts on “Friends of PbH

  1. Hi Mike. We just love your site. It’s a great resource and have directed some of our customers to it. We would love to be added to your Pinball Parts Suppliers page. K’s Arcade is an online pinball replacement parts retailer specializing in boards and rare, hard to find parts. We also offer board repair services. Again, thanks for all you do for the pinball community!

  2. hello i have an escape world pinball machine and it began to say til/tilt closed what can that be and how can i fix the problem

    best regards Kurt from Denmark

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