Tommy Malone Live @ the PinChurch

malone_showLast Wednesday we did our first live show…. The pinball arcade we’ve been building in the New Orleans area isn’t just about pinball. We’ve incorporated a state-of-the-art recording and internet broadcast studio into the space. Using the pinball games as a unique backdrop and the arcade as a very special, interesting place to be.

Check out the actual live cybercast here. We will be releasing a high-quality HD video of this soon.

Pinball + Music

This week has been so much fun I just had to share it with you all.

My new workshop, the “PinChurch” is becoming pretty popular now. In addition to having the South’s largest collection of vintage pinball, we’ve also built a state-of-the-art studio and performance space, and this has attracted a wide variety of really cool people.

This week the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival has been in town and the whole city is rocking with great music and parties. We’ve had people come in from all around the country, and we’ve had some great artists & musicians use our space. Not the least of which is the incomparable Tommy Malone and the Subdudes.

Here are a few camera-phone videos of their rehearsal… hope you enjoy! 🙂

The band does their twist on the Chi-Lites classic:

Later this month we will actually be hosting a live performance in the venue and streaming it online — stay tuned for that… you will have a chance to watch the event live!