Guns and Roses: Dealing with a bad design of the ball shooter lane

Guns and Roses is one of Data East’s most desirable pinball machines, if not their most valuable.  It’s a great game with a ton going on, but there was a fundamental flaw in the initial design of the game which caused lots of problems.   Data East came out with a fix involving a replacement part that is now unobtainable.   So is there a work-around for this?   We try to find out…

Before you turn a new game on: checking coils

Since we picked up this Williams Earthshaker in such horrible condition and have never seen it powered up, before we even attempt to turn it on, we need to go over some areas of the game to make sure that applying power doesn’t cause more harm.  In this article, I go over one check, which is making sure all the coils/solenoids are in good condition.  A burned-out coil can cause damage in other areas of the machine, or even a fire.