Jello Biafra on Pinball

Lately, I’ve been going through many old videos I have on file and I came across one I thought might be fun to share. This features Jello Biafra (who may be best known as the front man for the iconic punk band, “Dead Kennedys” but also a well known social activist). I’ve worked with Jello for many years in music-related things and a few years back he was at the PinChurch and started talking about pinball, so I flipped on the camera and captured a fun little moment of him talking about his childhood interest in pinball.

Diagnosing gameplay issues on EM pinball machines (Target Pool)

This is a fun video that I think is quite informative. I go over the process of how I discovered a feature in the game was not working. It’s a good example of how even supposedly “fully-working” games are often not fully working and many people don’t realize.

So what do you do when you discover a play feature isn’t working? I go over how we can diagnose and identify/fix the problem, even without having schematics. Check it out!

Pinball Showcase: 1969 Gottlieb “Target Pool”

This is a very fun game that I recently dragged back to my house to work on. It was being a bit cranky and I finally got a chance to fiddle with it and get it working. I’m still tweaking it but wanted to do some gameplay videos. I forgot how really fun this game is. It’s all about nudging. This is one of the best games to learn the subtle art of nudgng on and widely regarded in pinball collection circles. Come see what the fuss is about..