Pinball + Music

This week has been so much fun I just had to share it with you all.

My new workshop, the “PinChurch” is becoming pretty popular now. In addition to having the South’s largest collection of vintage pinball, we’ve also built a state-of-the-art studio and performance space, and this has attracted a wide variety of really cool people.

This week the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival has been in town and the whole city is rocking with great music and parties. We’ve had people come in from all around the country, and we’ve had some great artists & musicians use our space. Not the least of which is the incomparable Tommy Malone and the Subdudes.

Here are a few camera-phone videos of their rehearsal… hope you enjoy! 🙂

The band does their twist on the Chi-Lites classic:

Later this month we will actually be hosting a live performance in the venue and streaming it online — stay tuned for that… you will have a chance to watch the event live!

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2013 Texas Pinball Festival – in pictures

I’m back from Dallas and attending the Texas Pinball Festival. It was another AMAZING, WONDERFUL event, and special thanks to Ken, Marcus, the DFW group and everyone else involved. The venue was huge; the lineup and number of games was incredible. The tournaments lasted until the wee hours of the morning and a good time was had by all.

Here are some pictures:

These were also uploaded to our Facebook group, check them out here:

2013 Texas Pinball Festival photo album

I will be posting some videos very soon.

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2012 Houston Arcade Expo Report

I’m just getting to the point where I can take some time to write up a description of my trip to Houston for, (I think what is it, the 11-th annual) Houston Arcade Expo.

This was my third year attending the event and as usual, it was a blast.

The array of video games and pinball machines was impressive. The event is seeded by a few world-class collectors in the Texas area who bring both popular as well as extremely rare games. The show features a large array of vendors, IFPA pinball tournaments, classic arcade and console tournaments, seminars, and a crazy music and light show as well as the occasional Darth Vader impersonator. It’s held at the Crowne Plaza in North Houston who does a great job of hosting and providing accommodations for those traveling from outside the area.

Here’s a short video walk-thru of the event:

The swap meet was Saturday morning. Actually, it began with me on Friday as my friend came across a game in a guy’s trailer that was going to be at the swap meet that he sold to me the day before. This was another one of those “no brainer deals” – an almost complete pinball machine for $100. The perfect kind of project we like. A Gottlieb System 80 called “Super Orbit”. This is the forth Sys80 game I’ve picked up and I’m looking forward to doing some specific videos on repairs and restorations on that platform in the near future. I also had good luck last year picking up a swap meet game real cheap that turned out to be really fun to play (Stern “Memory Lane”).

It’s hard to tell if the swap meet was bigger this year than last. It definitely went on longer though and there was a little bit of everything. HAAG seems to have a lot more vintage console gamers coming out and trading this year.

All in all, a great event put on by great people. If you’re in the area, make a point of checking it out.

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TPF 2012 – Complete Jersey Jack Presentation: WOZ status

Here is the complete Jersey Jack presentation at the Texas Pinball Festival 2012, shot in 9 parts in a YouTube playlist. Jack was funny and informative and talked about the trials and tribulations of making pinball and showed off some new game features.

By the way, it says part 1/8 – below is a playlist that will play all 8 (actually 9) videos in sequence.

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