Re-pinning a pinball connector (.100″ Bally/Stern MPU connectors)

In the process of working on a 70s-era, early solid-state pinball machine from Stern (MPU-100 series), I had a need to rebuild one of the connectors, so I thought I might make a video. In this case I’m re-building the smaller .100″ connector. At some point in the future I’d prefer to make a better video of this process on a bench, but unfortunately, most of the time when you’re working on these connectors, you’re huddled over the machine messing with the wiring harness.

HAAG Show Swap Meet report

On Saturday morning at the Houston Arcade Expo, there was a small swap meet in the parking lot. While it wasn’t big, there were certainly some good deals to be had and it was a lot of fun.  I picked up a neat old Stern “Memory Lane” that I’ll be showing more of on the web site in future PBH episodes.  At just over $100, it was another “no brainer” deal for me.

There was a nice T2 (Terminator 2) Williams DMD that went for less than $800.  There were two “Charlie’s Angels” machines, one of which went for about $100 (it had seen better days) and lots of miscellaneous parts.  I even found a coin mech for the 1940 Genco machine – what tremendous luck!

As you can see from the video, I picked up not one, but two pinball games, along with lots of other goodies.  I also found a set of sideart for the Earthshaker machine (prototype side art – woot).