Early gameplay video of first Hot Wheels pinball prototype

Here is a short video of the first public demo of the Hot Wheels pinball machine – from a convention in New Orleans right before Covid exploded and everything was shut down. This is an early prototype of the game, that likely has unfinished code and playfield. This video has been in the archives and I thought it might be interesting to show what the game looked like the very first time it appeared in public, which was at an amusement machine expo in New Orleans.

And here is part 2:

Rare Gottlieb “Caveman” Pinball – first look and restoration!

This is a very interesting game I had a chance to pick up and couldn’t resist. A 1980s System 80 game – one of two very rare, low production hybrid pinball/video game machines Gottlieb made. Let’s take a “first look” at what I have… more videos to come of the restoration!

How to fix stripped playfield screws on your pinball machine

Many games, especially older games would have their playfield mechs screwed directly into the wood with wood screws. On areas like bumper posts, these can take quite a beating, get loose and become stripped. Here’s a simple technique to repair stripped holes to make the screws bite back into the playfield.

Working on a Jurassic Park pinball on location

After having this game on location for awhile, I thought I might report on what types of wear and tear and damage I’m running into, and what was wrong with the game. I think we’ve found a few “weak links” relating to parts that probably should last a little longer. Check it out: