HAAG Show Swap Meet report

On Saturday morning at the Houston Arcade Expo, there was a small swap meet in the parking lot. While it wasn’t big, there were certainly some good deals to be had and it was a lot of fun.  I picked up a neat old Stern “Memory Lane” that I’ll be showing more of on the web site in future PBH episodes.  At just over $100, it was another “no brainer” deal for me.

There was a nice T2 (Terminator 2) Williams DMD that went for less than $800.  There were two “Charlie’s Angels” machines, one of which went for about $100 (it had seen better days) and lots of miscellaneous parts.  I even found a coin mech for the 1940 Genco machine – what tremendous luck!

As you can see from the video, I picked up not one, but two pinball games, along with lots of other goodies.  I also found a set of sideart for the Earthshaker machine (prototype side art – woot).