Replacing a battery with a coin cell – Bally 6803 Escape from the Lost World

In this video work, continues on a newly-acquired game, 1987 Bally “Escape from the Lost World” – a late-model 6803 MPU game that instead of mounting a remote battery pack or memory capacitor, I’m going to show you how simple it is to install a 2032 lithium coin cell holder on the motherboard and use a cheap coin cell battery instead. This is such an easy fix that you don’t even have to remove the board from the game (if you’re careful and the board doesn’t need cleaning).

First Look: Bally “Escape From the Lost World” – rare late-model pinball rescue

Nowadays, it seems like the pinball deals are fewer and further between. With more collectors and aggressive Craigslisters the “drop-in-your-lap” deals don’t show up as often. So you can imagine my chagrin when something like this happened…. Check out the video and hear the story of how I got this game and take a look with me as I peer in and see what we’ve got…

This is a playlist, so it not only includes the first look, but subsequent videos showing more work and progress.