Pinball Philosophy: “Sucker Shots”

In this episode of PinballHelp’s Pinball Philosophy, I tackle a universal issue with all pinball games: sucker shots – those shots people love to shoot, that are high risk. Thinking about ball movement and angles will help you understand what to shoot for, and sometimes, what to avoid, to be a better pinball player.

Flippers Arcade, Outer Banks, NC – Arcade Walk-Thru

This was a very interesting, very special place to discover… take a look inside what appears at first glance to be a basic gas station/convenience store, but turns into not just an amazing arcade, but one of the BEST collections of pinball machines anywhere in the country. A real hidden gem.

First Impressions: Stern Godzilla. Which is the better game? Pro or Premium?

We’ve been having a lot of fun with this game lately – I’m still not qualified to do a “pinball showcase” because the ruleset is so complicated (and partially unfinished) that I’m not ready to do that, but I can comment on what I think of the game and which version is the one you might want depending upon your priorities?

First Look: Zaccaria Farfalla – interesting restoration project

Here’s an interesting project. This game was dropped on me in partially disassembled state, and I have limited experience with this hardware platform, so I’m being extra careful to make sure I get everything in order. Watch with me as I survey this amazing cool game!

Early gameplay video of first Hot Wheels pinball prototype

Here is a short video of the first public demo of the Hot Wheels pinball machine – from a convention in New Orleans right before Covid exploded and everything was shut down. This is an early prototype of the game, that likely has unfinished code and playfield. This video has been in the archives and I thought it might be interesting to show what the game looked like the very first time it appeared in public, which was at an amusement machine expo in New Orleans.

And here is part 2: