Stuck Flippers? Sometimes the problem is not what you expect..

Anybody messing with pinball machines will undoubtedly encounter problems with flippers. Often they seem to get “stuck”, will stay up and not go back down or behave weird. We often instantly go to the flipper mechanism to look for a problem, but sometimes it’s not there.

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You’ve Got A Pinball Machine! Now What?

This video addresses a common scenario that I often hear about – mostly from people who aren’t very familiar with these games. Someone gets a pinball machine and it doesn’t work. Now what? Let’s walk through this situation with a game I just picked up and explain the process of what to do when you have a new pinball that you don’t really know what condition it’s in or what’s wrong? What do you do? Are there things you should not do? How do you tell what’s wrong? Let’s get into it.

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When a broken switch isn’t a broken switch?

Sometimes what you think is wrong isn’t what’s really wrong. This is why our eyes and our mind are the best tools we can use to repair machines. In this video, I take a look at what appears to be a broken switch in the shooter lane of a Data East Guns and Roses pinball machine. The switch appears to be flaky and intermittent and manual testing of the switch seems to indicate that it won’t work properly and needs to be replaced, but all is not as it seems…