“What Was That?” – Rebuilding Rudy on a Williams Funhouse

I recently picked up a Funhouse as part of a trade deal I did.  This game is in pretty nice shape, but it needs a little work here and there.  Rudy stopped working and someone tried to “fix” it but didn’t put things back together the right way as I later found out.  Here is the video series of me pulling the game apart and trying to make things work…

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9 thoughts on ““What Was That?” – Rebuilding Rudy on a Williams Funhouse

  1. Nice job on Rudy,
    Hey have you done any Gotlieb system 1 stuff? I just picked up a Solar city and
    a totem that i’m starting the restore on now. One has a good CPU the other
    I don’t think I got to in time it has quiet a bit of acid damage from the battery. I’ve already removed the batterys and plan on doing the cap upgrade for the scores.

  2. yea, I’ve done a fair amount of system 1 stuff before I started videotaping my work. Get used to re-pinning connectors on system 1 machines. That’s the most common point of failure are the pins they used and how easily they become corroded and break. Also, if you need a CPU, look at the boards made by Pascal Janin. They are first rate and improve the functionality of the machine. I don’t have any system 1s in the repair queue but I hope to some time soon.

  3. Hi, I just watched your video about fixing Rudy. I don’t have a Funhouse, but just wanted to say that your video was great and I really enjoyed watching it. The website is excellent as well! Thank you!!

  4. Hello,
    Just bought a funhouse and Rudy needed repairs , I watch your video and it was awesome, you did a good job and sure helped me out . thanks for the help!!

  5. Very nice video on Rudy’s head! I have one question. When you replaced the gear segment on his jaw assembly, it looked like it might have been made with Delrin plastic. If so, where did you find the part. I have replaced the jaw gears on my FH many times. It appears to be a weak point or bad design, but at any rate, the nylon gears just don’t hold up. I’ve read on some blogs about Rudy’s jaw gears made with Delrin (as well as the plastics for the eyelids) but I can’t seem to locate any. The last gear I installed lasted about an hour, so, I’m getting pretty frustrated with this problem and any advise I could get would be greatly appriciated.
    R. Hills

  6. Thanks so much, I plan to rebuild my Rudy on a Funhouse I just purchased two weeks ago. Invaluable information here!

  7. Your video helped a lot to repair Rudy. It was not easy to get spare parts for the yaw gear and the plunger for the eye-lids. I wonder how lang the repaired parts will last.
    Anyhow, you were a great help. Thank you

  8. I have to replace the teeth on the gear common problem with Rudys jaw. Can I just remove that one piece Jaw assembly or do I have to Remove Rudy as well? Thank You!

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