Working on an EM player/ball stepper unit – Gottlieb King Kool

In some cases, playfield lights, like bonus and other lights that may be out are the result of poor contact on the bonus stepper unit. In this video I show why replacing a light bulb may not fix a light-out problem and where to look to remedy the situation, on a Gottlieb electro-mechanical pinball game “King Kool.”

4 thoughts on “Working on an EM player/ball stepper unit – Gottlieb King Kool

  1. Hi Mike,

    My name is Patrick from the Netherlands, trying to solve a problem on my EM pinball machine.(Gotlieb Fast Draw).1975.

    Perhaps you can help me out with this.?

    When I press the start button, all counters go to zero position and the ball is transported to the shooter lane,ready to fire.

    So far no problems, I’m gonna play a one player match with 5 balls..
    But when the first ball disappears, the second ball is coming up to the shooter lane ,but also the machine go’s to player 2.???

    This happens also with the third ball, he go’s to player 3 etc etc…

    The strange thing is that the coin stepper stay’s on player 1 all the time.(As it should be).
    I cleaned all the contact’s of every relay,scores are counted okay,everything works fine on the machine..

    I don’t know where to look to solve this problem..??

    Thanks in advance.!!



    • It sounds like your problem is the player stepper unit. Examine the video for this article and you can see how I dealt with a similar problem.

  2. 72 gottlieb wild life all board lights stopped working still have upper lights. What can I do ?

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