Re-pinning System 80 edge connectors – Gottlieb Mars God of War

I finally found some time to take a look at the Mars God of War I pulled out of a hurricane katrina-damaged house in New Orleans last year. The batteries on the MPU board had hosed the connectors as well as the main board and I am set to replace it with Pascal Janin’s PI80x4 board. In preparation for that, I have to re-pin some of the damaged connectors… as this video shows, things are never as easy as they seem…..

2 thoughts on “Re-pinning System 80 edge connectors – Gottlieb Mars God of War

  1. Hi,

    I was curious how you ended up addressing what you detail in the video. And I’m considering putting in an aftermarket MPU in my Mars God of War as well. What is your impression after running this for a while? What features does Pascal’s board add? Consolidating a number of boards is compelling to me. But how does game play change? What is added over the original roms?

    But I’m also considering the Ni-Wumpf system 80 board as well – as this one is re-programmable if you have the skill. So, while possible I don’t know if it is worth the effort or not.

    Anyway, love the site. Thanks

    • I am a huge fan of Pascal Janin’s boards. There is no suitable substitute. His engineering work is top notch and his modifications to the game are just basic stuff – he doesn’t intend to fundamentally change any key aspect of the gameplay like scoring or ruleset, he just adds some basic features like ball savers and high scores and attract mode animation (on sys1s).

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