Work continues on the Bally Mr. & Mrs Pac Man Pinball Game

In the continued saga of bringing this 1980s game back to life, I begin to go over the electronics and figure out why the game wouldn’t boot up.  Normally you fire up these Bally machines and count the number of times the LED on the MPU board blinks, but in this case, the game didn’t even get far enough to begin to start up the MPU.  Fuse F3 kept blowing and the game wouldn’t power up at all…

An examination of the schematics showed an area on the power rectifier board where it was likely some components were damaged and needed to be replace.  Luckily, these were not very obscure items so I could pick them up easily.

Stay tuned for the next installment where I go into addressing an issue with a broken plastic rail guide that probably can’t easily be replaced, so I have to fabricate my own!


3 thoughts on “Work continues on the Bally Mr. & Mrs Pac Man Pinball Game

  1. Hello, I am repairing the right rear flipper on my Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man pinball, the solenoid was burned up by the previous owner, I know that the two brown wires connects to the first pole on the solenoid, it is the connection of the red wire that is baffling me???? Does it connect to the middle pole or the last pole on the solenoid??? I’ve got the two brown wires off the switch contacts connected correct, I’ve tried the red wire in both positions and it blows the 5A fuse on the power board. I’ve watched your videos of the bottom of the play field trying to view the proper sequence of the wiring. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan

  2. Hi mike
    I really need help on the PAC man pinball because The Fuse kept blowing and the game wouldn’t power up at all so I missed everything up and placed a higher fuse see and it blows up the Varistor
    I really need help

    • Not enough info there to really help you. I’d begin by getting a meter and checking all the voltages in the game at the various test points.

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