Changing Ball Settings On Gottlieb EM Pinball Games

I’m slowly catching up on the maintenance of various games and working my way down the EM row. One thing I wanted to do was switch one of the games from 5-ball to 3-ball. I feel some of these games are a little long on 5-ball and since they’re on free-play and there’s dozens of other games around, a shorter game time is recommended. In the video below I go over how to make changes to game settings on EMs like this…

2 thoughts on “Changing Ball Settings On Gottlieb EM Pinball Games

  1. Nice video. New to ems. I just changed the settings on my gottlieb hot shot to 5 ball. Game still thinks its set to 3 ball. I haven’t started diving into the schematics yet. Where do you suggest? Clean contacts, check continuity of jones plug connector, then check ball counter? Thanks

    • try cleaning the jones plug contacts… I would avoid messing with any of the relay contacts until you’re more familiar and comfortable with the game and theprocess

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