Repairing a sluggish solenoid on a wpc Whitewater pinball

I have a Whitewater machine which is having problems moving the ball in the trough. The solenoid/coil that moves the ball is slow and gunked up with dirt, so we’re going to remedy this situation:

And here’s the after..

4 thoughts on “Repairing a sluggish solenoid on a wpc Whitewater pinball

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Helps a noob like me. Is there a particular brand of silicone spray lube you recommend?

    • Actually, what I like is Motorvator Heavy Duty Silicon Spray Lubricant – but I can’t find where I got it and I’m almost out. If you know of any chain that has it, let me know.

      • From a search online it seems Motorvator used to be sold at KMart. Doesn’t appear to be available anywhere. Likely discontinued.

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