EM Tech: Setting credit/extra ball award levels on Gottlieb machines

Here’s a quick little video on how to change settings on older Gottlieb electro-mechanical pinball games.  If you want to change the threshold at which a credit or extra ball is awarded based on points, there’s a plug in the head of the machine where you move pins to indicate score levels to set awards.

4 thoughts on “EM Tech: Setting credit/extra ball award levels on Gottlieb machines

  1. I have a Royal Flush. SN 11822. Want to set replays for 60,000, 70,000,80,000 and 90,000. There are two sets of wire/plugs numbered 1 to 9. How to plug which wire/plug into which of 10 sockets?

  2. I have a gottlieb 1974 out of sight. It seems to work well with the exception of the “10s” scoring . Neither the 1st or 2nd player move that scoring wheel. The only way to match is to have it match at “00” .
    Any suggestions?

    • There is a relay in the head that fires the ten points relays on each of the score reels. I’d take a close look at that relay and make sure there’s no broken wires and that the contacts are clean. If that doesn’t help, i’d look at each of the 10-point relay coils on the associated score reel.

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