First Look: Gottlieb Target Pool and adjusting stepper units

I’ve been on the lookout for more 60s-era Gottliebs with the small flippers. We don’t have hardly any in the collection and after hearing Bowen Kerins say “Target Pool” was his favorite game from the 60s, I knew I’d made the right choice in picking this machine up. Unfortunately, I never turned it on or checked it out electrically/operationally before I bought it. But I could see the game was complete and the seller said it did work. This was one of those times where I knew I was going to get it any way. So here’s the first look so far, a playlist of 3 video clips covering the initial examination of the game, and finding out what’s wrong and fixing some issues. This is a good example of how to fix certain problems with stepper units.

If you watched the previous story on the Target Pool you may see the same first-two videos. I am keeping them all together in case someone sees this story by itself. If you’ve watched some of the videos in the series before, just hit next on the player to skip to the next video.

One thought on “First Look: Gottlieb Target Pool and adjusting stepper units

  1. Mike
    I just got onto your website. Its great. I have a Bally Mr & Mrs Pac Man. Cannot believe how much information you have about this machine. I bought this machine almost 15 years ago. It has been sitting in storage for about 5 years. I recently brought it home and it started right up. Main issue was right side flippers were staying energized. Cleaned the contact points on the flipper mechanisms and flipper button. Working much better but still some sticking. I also changed out a couple of the lite bulbs below the PacMan playing field. Since doing this, this playing field is no longer lighting up. I can tell it still plays from the audio, but nothing is lighting up. I was hoping you would be able to give me some suggestions as to how to proceed to fix this or could point me to whichever of your videos might address my issue. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
    JD Weber

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