Earthshaker looks to have been in an actual earthquake


This week I pulled a Williams Earthshaker pinball game out of a guy’s apartment.  It had been sitting in the corner for a long time, not operating.  He got it off eBay more than a year earlier, paid a lot of money and I’m not sure he ever got it working, so it sat around collecting dust.  As usual, the description described to me on the phone verses what I saw in person were two different things, but he appeared to be flexible enough on the price to motivate me to go take a look at it.  We made a deal and I threw it into my car.  Here’s a first look…

Later on, I moved the machine inside and took a closer look.  I’m posting this video which was done before I attended the Houston Arcade Expo, and I managed to find a complete set of sideart for the machine from Gene at Illinois Pinball, so there is hope for the cabinet!

In the next video I pull up the playfield and take a look inside the cabinet.  I’m just getting this new web site going so I don’t have much traffic, but I envision in the future with more people visiting, after I post a video like this, other owners of the game might comment and we can collectively ruminate over the status and future of this pinball game.

4 thoughts on “Earthshaker looks to have been in an actual earthquake

  1. It’s great to see your video of your new ES. Good luck on a successful restoration and I’ll look forward to see more articles/videos

  2. My Earthshaker needs an overhaul, so I’m interested in what you find out. Please keep us posted!

  3. The ES I just picked up a couple months ago is pretty rough too. My cabinet is in much better shape then yours but our playfields/plastics are about the same. If you want to contact me privately I’ll talk to you about how much I paid for it and what I put in to it so far. Mine runs now. I’m also Nerd on Pinside so you can Pinsidemail me as well.

  4. The burned out trace in front of the fuse is a safety-feature.
    Its made the weakest link on purpose to prevent fires,
    when the fuse failes to activate.

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