Rebuilding pinball flipper assembly (Gottlieb System 3)

Here are two videos of me completely rebuilding the flippers and flipper assembly on a Gottlieb System 3 pinball machine (Waterworld) – many of this information will basically pertain to most flipper systems on other machines like Bally and WMS, Stern, etc. I go through the whole process of replacing all the major wear parts on the flipper assembly even including the base plate and end-of-stroke switches.

Here’s part 2 (sorry I rarely edit these videos so sometimes my camera breaks it into separate files)

Part 3

If the above is too slow, check out this time-lapse of rebuilding the flipper:

2 thoughts on “Rebuilding pinball flipper assembly (Gottlieb System 3)

  1. Have a gottlied 300 new to restoring, bonus balls are added but are not released and counted at the end of play, found the relay and can manually drope them but were should I look to get it to automatically drope and be counted.
    Thanks for any HELP

    • There is a switch in the backbox where it counts down the balls. Check that switch to make sure it’s registering there are balls to be dropped and counted.

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