How to install a memory capacitor to replace a battery pack

As many of you know, one of the biggest problems with pinball machines and repairing them is dealing with leaky batteries on solid state machines, that cause corrosion and all sorts of damage. I’m going to go over how you can completely eliminate this from happening by replacing old-style rechargeable batteries with a high-tech “memory capacitor” that will last longer and not have the same problems that batteries do.

Now lets test the new memory capacitor in the game:

Here’s source info on the caps:


1.5f 5.5f “super capacitors” at Mouser Electronics.

Specific item I used:

1.5f 5.5f Panasonic Supercap

You can also get these from Great Plains:

Product ID: CER-1.5F-5V
Capacitor, Radial Electroltyic, 1.5F, 5V
Capacitor, 1.5F, 5V, 85C, Radial Electrolytic
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Manufacturer Part Number: EECF5R5U155
Diameter: 21.5mm, Height: 8mm, Lead Spacing: 5
Price: $5

4 thoughts on “How to install a memory capacitor to replace a battery pack

  1. just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate you taking the time to make a video of your pinball repairing. your youtube site is in my favorites list. i know your not an expert and that’s what makes your videos interesting. we get to see you figure it out as you go. this is very helpful to me as i work on my newly acquired firepower machine. rich

    • Nothing to do with pinball machines, but was investigating about capacitor backup memory and got to your video. I apreciate your interesting tips and also your informality when recording, that make it really sincere. I am not an expert in electronics (but interested in fixing what comes to my hands) I could clearly understand you.
      From Caracas-Venezuela

  2. Great vids. Learn as ya go and ask the right questions. Here’s mine. Found a store near that has 1f 5.5v. For $2. What will be the difference betwEen the 1f. And your 1.5f. Or if I run them with 2 in parallel. THanx.

    • I think a 1f would work. It just wouldn’t hold the charge as long as a 1.5f, but if you turn your game on every few weeks, it should hold all the memory.

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