How to access a locked pinball coin door

A common issue is what to do when you can’t get into a pinball game’s coin door?  The door is locked and you don’t have a key.   It’s easier than you think if you have the right tools..

3 thoughts on “How to access a locked pinball coin door

  1. What a great teaching video.I bought a machine that was locked with no key and used smaller bits and broke 2 bits before the 3rd one did the job.It took about 5 times as long as using that big bit.Keep up the great pinball help video’s.They are all so helpful and very well done.Love the doggie too! So cute!

  2. Another suggestion that may be worth trying: I recently got a game with no key for the coin door, and before busing out the drill I decided to try a key from one of my other games. It actually worked!! Worth a shot, you never know!

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