First Look: Gottlieb “Charlie’s Angels” and the damage batteries do

This is a quick post of a short video I shot awhile back that I hadn’t had a chance to upload because I’ve been spending so much time renovating the new pinball place, but I wanted to share with you all soem of the new pick-ups. I’ve been on a moratorium of pinball buying but every once in awhile the price is too good to pass up, and some of these games I believe if I don’t get them, they’ll end up cannibalized and turned into a hipster’s coffee table — we can’t have that if the game has a chance of living again, so into the repair queue it goes!

In this video I give you a “first look” at a new game before I’ve unloaded it and show you the damage caused by a leaky old battery and why that’s so bad.

2 thoughts on “First Look: Gottlieb “Charlie’s Angels” and the damage batteries do

  1. Any updates on this machine? I recently picked up a CA as well. It’s my first pin, and I was lucky enough to get it for free by helping a guy out. My game was in pretty good shape, but your backglass and PF seem to be even better…I’m jealous! I hope to hear more about your experience with it in the future.

    • I keep looking at the game and how gorgeous it is and I keep thinking I need to work on it, but the motherboard in the machine was completely destroyed, so I need a PIX4 ideally to get it up and running and that’s about $300+ so I need to wait until I have the money before I can get on it.

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